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ART Messenger

Get the help you need with ART Messenger, a WEB Browser app for ALL DEVICES, which will allow students to reach out to real teachers and get expert help over the ART message exchange without the worry of paying SMS or other communication fees.
The ART Messenger is available for download at the Play Store and is accessible through our WEB Browser application.

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Amazing Features

The ART Messenger platform will use the same Internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, so there is no added cost to your mobile or home Internet data plan. In addition to basic messaging capabilities, the ART messenger WEB app can utilize many collaborative learning features, that include unlimited Images, SMS messages.

Price For Our Web App...

Free Trial

  • 5 questions
  • free support
  • chat services
  • 1 month

25 Questions

  • 25 questions
  • free support
  • chat services
  • 1 month

50 Questions

  • 50 questions
  • free support
  • chat services
  • 1 month

Why ART Messenger

We offer flexible work hours, and the freedom to work at your own schedule from anywhere.

Clients feedback

This program offers flexible work hours, a lot of demand if you become a top-ranked certified teacher, and you can work from anywhere. I can't wait to get started!

Michael M. - Certified Teacher

This sounds like a great idea, collaborative assistance with certified teachers online 24/7, this is perfect for my 5th grader who often struggles at home with homework and unfortunately I'm not smarter than a 5th grader sometimes LOL!

Andrea B. - Parent

I'm going to try the free trial membership to help with my Alegbra homework (because I'm terrible at it). I'm so happy that a program is being offered were I can get help right when I need it, but also because I will able to speak with my teacher through this services. I would have never been able to contact her after hours on a school night and get help before. if this works, This Service will be AWESOME!

Josh S. - Student

About ART Messenger

Our design

ART Messenger is a WEB Browser messaging app FOR ALL DEVICES provided by Ask Real Teachers, which brings innovative communication technology to the finger tips of parents and students allowing them to connect with real teachers in Real Time!

The ART Messenger app will allow students to reach out to real teachers and get expert help over the ART message exchange without the worry of paying SMS or other communication fees.

Certified Teachers

With Ask Real Teachers, parents and students can work with certified teachers in their state, at their childs grade level, and in some cases the actual classroom teacher at their childs school.

At Ask Real Teachers we designed The ART Messenger app for use on multiple devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Users will find that the application easily transitions from PC laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This special design feature of the ART messaging app is the innovation in communication technology that connects parents and students with real teachers in Real Time!


If your looking for homework help, getting help with a project, need extra prep questions for a final exam? With Ask Real Teachers and the ART Messenger app you can get it all:
• Get homework solutions you need for your toughest assignments and problem sets.
• Get help with a problem that isn't from your textbook? Snap a picture of it and submit it instantly to a certified teacher in your subject, at your grade level, in your state.
• Search for a certified teacher who can help you during the hours you need it.

Coming Soon! The ART Messenger Mobile app for Android and IOS phones.

WEB Browser App

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